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Japanese courses

At Sewa Services I will help you learn Japanese with personalized language- and culture-focused courses.  A language has many sides and aspects, which is why each course will be shaped based on individual requests and preferences.

Since Dutch is my mother tongue, I will mainly focus on Dutch-Japanese courses, but in case you are interested, I am sure we can arrange something in English.

A few examples of different focuses in learning Japanese:

  • Business Japanese for at work/during meetings
  • Japanese for travellers
  • Working/living/studying in Japan
  • Communicating with a Japanese friend
  • General basic Japanese
  • Other personal requests (to be discussed)

Learning the Japanese writing system is optional.



Single Lessons (1.5 hrs):

1 person

€35,- incl. VAT

2 persons

€32,50 incl. VAT

3 persons

€30,- incl. VAT

Sewa Class Card:
10 lessons (3 months valid):

1 person

€320,- incl. VAT

2 persons

€295,- incl. VAT

3 persons

€225,- ex VAT

Sewa Class Card:
20 lessons (6 months valid):

1 person

€612,- incl. VAT

2 persons

€561,- incl. VAT

3 persons

€510,- incl. VAT

All prices are per person and include personalized course materials. Businesses will be charged the mentioned prices excl. VAT.
* Prices for bigger groups up to 8 persons on request
** With 5 persons or more I will also offer to teach at your office / location.

Why Sewa Services?

  1. Personalized course materials (included in price).
  2. Flexible individual lessons with special focus on your personal preferences.
  3. Possibility to learn in small groups as well (up to 8 persons)*.
  4. Practice-oriented Japanese lessons.
  5. Special attention to Japanese culture included.
  6. Professional location in Amstelveen**
  7. With free coffee and tea :).
  8. Guidance outside lessons is included (if preferred).
  9. Japanese courses that suit your own pace.
  10. Course hours will be discussed together. Lessons can be cancelled or postponed without costs up until 24 hours before hand.


What to expect?

Intake appointment (free) where we will discuss the following things:

  • Your preferences for the course contents
  • Level of the course (Beginner – Advanced)
  • Date, time and frequency of the course

After submitting your application (to be handed to you during the intake) ± 1 week time to prepare the course

Determine the date/time of the first lesson
Frequent 1.5hrs lessons (afternoon / evening)
After x number of lessons a closure to remember


Plan your intake

Book a table
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